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January 22nd Livestream

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January 22nd Livestream

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I'm excited to announce that I will be hosting a livestream next Sunday, 22nd January @ 2pm EST on Zoom. This is the first time I will be on video like this, as a commitment to share my energy in new ways with you all.

In this livestream I will be exploring alignment for 2023:

  • How to set clear intentions that actually work
  • How to get in tune with your intuition
  • How to create coherence in your aura (the magic sauce)

If you want to learn the specific way I set intentions and align my energy in order to manifest, this will be a good lecture for you.

45 minutes will be dedicated to the material and 45 minutes to Q&A.

I recommend getting a cup of tea or water and keeping a pen and paper on hand to take some notes.

As this is my first group event I am keeping this accessible to everyone.

However if you would like to donate (recommended amount is $11) you will have access to the playback. Input $0 in the box if you wish to attend but cannot donate.

Other timings: 11:00 Sunday, Pacific Time (PT)

19:00 Sunday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Access link will be emailed + posted a few days before.

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Livestream access + prep material

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