Energy Work for Empaths

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Are you an empath or just coming to grips with being one? Are you finding it tough to navigate your sensitivity? Are you unsure how to develop your abilities? 

This Empath Handbook is going to be perfect for you! 

The first part of this guide will help you gauge what type of empath you are, this information will give you a rough foundation to work upon. The second part of this guide will help you learn how to start working with your energy.

You will receive a 130 page PDF ebook which can be read on your phone, tablet or computer. Digital format only. 

The guide covers: 

  • The type of empaths
  • The empath shadow side 
  • How to protect & clear your energy 
  • Aura exercizes
  • Chakra exercizes
  • Breathwork
  • Inner child work 
  • How to set strong boundaries
  • Energetic cords
  • How to develop your empathic senses 
  • Moving beyond the "empath" label 

I want to keep this guide available to everyone, however a small donation to cover the work it took to create would be much appreciated. 

Average donation: $10

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130 Page PDF Ebook

130 Pages
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Energy Work for Empaths

108 ratings
I want this!