Self Love Manifestations

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Are you interested in manifestation? Want to expand your practice?

This guidebook and accompanying journal prompts are going to be helpful for you!

In this guide I explore the nuances of manifesting (using your focus to attract a specific result) and how you can go about it without overwhelming yourself or becoming ungrounded.

This guide isn't about manifesting everything you want, or fulfilling every wild dream you have.

Instead it is about learning to use your energy in new ways and consistently attract better physical outcomes.

This guide covers: 

  • What manifestation is
  • The different stages of manifestation
  • How to set powerful intentions
  • How to understand your energy better

You will receive the 46 page guidebook in PDF format, which can be read on smartphones, computers, tablets etc. This is digital format only.

The 30 journal pages are in PDF format aswell but are designed to be easily printed.

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Self Love Manifestation Bundle

Printable Journal
30 Pages
46 Pages
Weekly Planner Page
1 Page
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Self Love Manifestations

3 ratings
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