Shadow Work Guide

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Are you interested in shadow work? Don't know where to start? Want to expand your practice?

This guidebook and accompanying journal prompts are going to be helpful for you!

In this guide we explore the nuances of shadow work and what it really entails. Then we go into some of the ways the shadow can come up on our spiritual paths. Further along, we look at how we can balance what we call shadowwork, with what we call lightwork

This guide covers: 

  • What the shadow is
  • Why shadow work is important 
  • How to start shadow work 
  • Acceptance
  • The physical shadow 
  • The collective shadow
  • The 'spiritual shadow' 
  • Lightwork & balancing the two
  • + much more 

You will receive the 100 page eBook in PDF format, which can be read on smartphones, computers, tablets etc. This is digital format only.

The 52 journal prompts are in PDF format aswell and are designed to be easily printed.

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Shadow Work EBook + Shadow Work Journal Prompts


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Shadow Work Guide

30 ratings
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